Monday, November 2, 2015

Creative Journaling

I LOVE my journal(s). I am no artist. It's not fancy. It's just mine and it's...well, it's me!

I have a journal that I write a diary. I glue photos and ticket stubs and programs in that one.

I also have a newer organizer/calendar type journal. That one I carry with me. I illustrate that one with pens and colored pencils.

Then I keep travel journals when I go on trips. More postcards, ticket stubs, photos and maps.

There is no wrong way to journal. It's your book. Just do what you feel and don't be afraid to be creative!

                                                              Different kinds of journals

I carry waterproof pens an watercolor pencils around with me. For my journal/diary I have a small pair of scissors and a glue stick that I use frequently.  You can use all kinds of things in your journal stamps, stickers cutting from newspapers or magazines. Whatever floats your boat!


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