Saturday, November 7, 2015

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Mmmmm.....not so much.
My husband always says our home is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy. That's about right, too, I think.  But there are products I like more than most and today, I will share that information with you.

I love pinesol. It's my go to cleaner. I have tried other products, but nothing I've found has worked better for everyday cleaning. This I use on my floors, for toilet cleaning, for appliances. And the scent, to me says "CLEAN".

The water here is very hard, so I use Borax in my laundry to get clothes cleaner.

This house is over a hundred years old. There is a lot of wood, I love Old English. It shines and hides scratches and it conditions the wood.  LOVE IT!

Lemons down the drain. It's THE best way to clean your smelly garbage disposal

I do swiffer my wood floors. They have the wet pads that  have used for my floors, but, honestly, to get the floors really clean, you have to get down on your hands and knees and scrub. At least, I do. But the Swiffer Sweepers help catch up some of the dog hair and dust. The dusters are good, too.

We raised 5 children. In the country. With dogs, cats, guinea pigs and assorted other animals. I blew through vacuums like nothing. Even expensive ones! I have found the Shark vacuum to be the best and the toughest of all the mid-priced vacuums. Highly recommended!

I buy this brand of glass cleaner at Target.  I think it does a better job then Windex. Try it yourself and see what you think.

 I know some people say squeegees are the best way to clean a window, but honestly I think newspaper is the way to go. You don't end up with lines or "dust". 

1/2 Dawn and 1/2 vinegar in one of these sponge cleaning "brushes" will keep your tub and shower clean. Honest to Pete, it's damn near a miracle! And your not inhaling chemical fumes while cleaning. Always a plus.

Dawn is also great for grease spots. Shoot, it's good for washing your dog in a pinch. Gentle buy effective, it cuts grease.  I always use the original blue kind. I haven't tried the others.

This is my heavy duty, OMG how am I ever going to get this clean #1 choice. I buy it at Lowes. This is for under the stove or refrigerator. Or  that ceiling fan in the kitchen. This stuff works!!

I clean something every day. But a few times a year, I do a super clean. This book is amazing. When it's time for a deep clean so your house sparkles, this is the Bible! You won't regret this read. Your home will be clean in places you didn't realize were dirty!

Now, ladies and gentleman.....go forth and clean!!

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