Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Feeling a little French?

 French women always seem to look.....pulled together....classically chic.  They say it's just a matter of using a few quality wardrobe pieces and knowing how to wear them. Here's a blog with a list of basics: how to create 5-piece wardrobe (though there's whole lot more than 5 pieces listed, but just go with it.)

What is more French  than croissants?  Flaky, buttery bites of perfection! I love every decadent calorie of them! I have actually made them before.  I would say that to make them well takes practice and they are a lot of work, but, OH!  The joy of presenting these to your loved ones is unmatched! 
You could just go to the bakery and buy theirs. Still wonderful. 

Who hasn't longed to speak French?   le sigh.... here's free app that I found on Amazon. I haven't tried it yet, but it's free and you have to begin somewhere!

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