Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What to do now that you are over 50

  So many rules! Don't wear your hair long. Don't wear your skirts short. Join AARP. Slow down.  Take these vitamins. Do this exercise.  You must wear a bra. You must have surgery to get rid of wrinkles.


 As I read all these articles and hear all this advice from "experts",  I just want to say,

"Bite me".

 Why should some 20 year old get to tell me what I should or should not wear?  What is it to anyone else what I do with my hair? The health "experts" are generally hawking something, so their advice should be taken with a grain of salt anyway.  AARP seems, mostly, to want to sell me insurance. And,  I hate bras. I've always hated bras. I think my girls have EARNED a little comfort and freedom after all these years. 

You know what you should do now that you are what ever age you are?  You should sit down and think about what you want to be when you grow up! Then, make it happen.  Dress in a way that makes you happy, makes you feel comfortable and makes you feel attractive. 
Ditto with the hair...dye it don't dye it...cut it, don't cut it. Do what you like! It's no one else's business.

You should take care of your physical health. That much I believe is true. Exercise, eat healthy, get enough sleep. Certainly we can all agree that your good health is much more likely to last longer if you observe those "rules".   But your emotional health is equally as important. Look for things that make you laugh and things that occupy your mind  and your imagination in positive ways. Go be the person you have always wanted to be!

Sure, people will criticize you. Some people are just not happy unless they are trying to make other people as miserable as they are. Pity them. And then go out and do your own thing. Life is short. Make the most of it.

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