Monday, October 12, 2015

Site seeing in NYC

I do not care much for big cities, so the first time I visited NYC I was kinda thinking, "Check this off my list and  then "Been there. Done that. Got a tee shirt".  But I fell in love!  So much to see and do. So vibrant!  You just have to go back again and again!

I don't drive in Manhattan. I value my life too much. What we do is park in Poughkeepsie and take the train in. LOVE IT!

I could live here. I really could.

                                                                   Times Square 

       And you just know, because I love Theodore Roosevelt so much, that I have to add:

                                                   The Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace Museum

This list doesn't even touch the number of things to see and do in NYC. You just gotta go see for yourself!!

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