Wednesday, April 20, 2016


So, there she is: our "new" glamper. She's older, but still going strong. Right now, she's at a local dealership getting the once over and having the roof sealed. When we get her back, I have painting to do! I can hardly wait!

Once she is decorated and road worthy we will begin gently, by taking her out locally. Then a bit farther afield this summer. by the time Gillian leaves for college this fall, we hope to put the house on the market and hit the road full time!

In the meantime, we are clearing out the attic and sorting out our belongings. It's not all going to fit in a 30ft camper! So, some will go in storage, some will be given away and some will be sold. We have 4 months, so we are going slowly and doing a bit every day. Makes it less overwhelming that way!

We're going on an exciting adventure and I just can't wait!